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Water Shuttle Policies

Important Message

Please be aware that there are two substantial steps to negotiate as you enter and leave the Water Taxi. Individuals with limited mobility may have difficulty boarding or exiting the vessel. Please use extreme caution when boarding or disembarking the boat. The steps are lit at night and are covered with an anti-slip surface for your safety. For your own safety, wear rubber soled shoes appropriate for a boat. High heel shoes and leather soles shoes can be very dangerous on boat decks and boat docks. Boarding and exiting the vessel is at your own risk.

Large Groups

We cannot accommodate large groups (defined as more than 6 persons) without a reservation. If you show up with a large group at one of our stops, you may be turned away depending on the volume at that time.  Please do not set yourself up for this disappointment. Even if there is enough seating at that time, large groups deny others the opportunity to get on the boat at subsequent stops. The Captain has full discretion to turn away large groups without reservations if he/she feels that it will negatively affect operations for the day or evening.

As we all know, Naples is often very congested. Large groups will tend have a hard time getting into any quality establishment.

Peak Hours

During these peak season (DEC 26TH – APRIL 30th), passengers are asked not to ride the shuttle for a non-stop, full sightseeing loop. Passenger should get off the boat at one or more of our stops before making a full loop. This policy helps promote movement on and off the boat…allowing us to pick up and drop off more people.

Sightseeing Loop

There is a one loop maximum for those passengers who are approved by the Captain to do a full 45-minute, non-stop loop around the bay.  “Looping” is discouraged during peak season (Dec 20th – April 30th).

General Policies

(In Effect All Year-round)

Inebriated or Disorderly Passengers

The Captain will not allow inebriated passengers on the boat. Unruly, loud, or offensive passengers will not be tolerated and dropped off at the first available stop.

Personal Items

The Water Taxi is not responsible for any personal items that are dropped on the deck or in the water or left on the boat.


For safety reasons, the Water Taxi may not operate in the rain. In the event of wet weather, we will temporarily suspend service until conditions are deemed safe to resume transit. During a weather shut down all passengers must disembark the boats until service resumes. Prolonged rain events may force closure of the service due to “slip and fall” safety issues. If the service closes due to weather, passengers would be responsible for getting themselves back to their original boarding location (i.e., Uber or cab). Call 239-206-0160 to get service updates and be sure to check the weather report before coming down to the bay.


Currently, we are NOT wheelchair accessible but can provide reasonable assistance that would enable a passenger with a disability to get on or off the vessel. The wheelchair must be able to be folded and stowed somewhere out of the way onboard so as not to block any aisles or exits in the event of an emergency.

Pets And Bicycles

We do NOT allow pets; however, we do allow service animals trained to perform tasks for an individual with a disability. Our boat is not configured for the loading or storage of bicycles.

Strollers / Infants

Children cannot get onboard while in strollers. We do NOT allow large children’s strollers onboard. Children are not allowed to be returned to strollers once they are onboard the boat. Strollers are the sole responsibility of their owners.

Suggestions / Tips

Bring a sweater or light coat with you if you are riding in the evening. It tends to be substantially cooler on the water especially after the sun goes down.

If the weather is poor, please call us at 239-206-0160 to see if we are operating.

The Water Taxi truly appreciates your business and looks forward to seeing you on the boat! We thank you in advance for adhering to these policies.

Bad Weather?

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